Summer Hockey Clinic August 20-24, 2018 Novice/Atom


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Aug 20,2018 - Aug 24,2018    Time: 9:30 am - 12:30 pm

August  20-24, 2018
For all hockey players that will be playing Novice or Atom level in the fall.  Innovative drills that will prepare the skater for fall try-outs. The sessions are high paced and will develop and enhance the player’s hockey skills, while consisting of 20 skating skills, innovative skating and stick handing drills, shooting, passing, positional play and scrimmages.
Three hours on ice each day, 9:30am - 12:30pm, with two ten minute flood breaks.
Full hockey equipment, stick and sharpened skates required on all sessions.  Provide your child with a drink and nut-free snack.
Nepean Sportsplex, Arena #3 - 1701 Woodroffe Avenue, Nepean, Ontario
32 Skaters, and 5 goalies per session
Skaters $395 + HST
Goalies $150 + HST
Ollson Sports Group's hockey clinics stress competitiveness and teamwork.  Every session is designed to get the player to the next level of competition.  John Ollson and his highly trained staff have been working on innovative skating, stick-handling and shooting drills that will greatly improve the player's skills.


Nepean Sportsplex, Arena #3
1701 Woodroffe Avenue
Nepean, ON K2G1W2

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